The D O G M A 0 0 manifesto


00. dogma00 is a post-luddite guideline for making computer-based rhythm music. The resulted music composed by following the dogma00 rules sounds as alienated and unhuman as possible.

01. The machines won't follow the needs of humans, but humans accommodate themselves to the needs of the machines. You should let the rhythm device decide the tempo of your tune. You should listen to your synthesizer's will for the sound it wants to play. You can freely choose the method you use to listen to your machines.

02. You have to avoid melodic ingredients in your music. The mechanical rhythm is the main theme of all your tunes. You are allowed to use only one chord per song. Small variations in the chord used are allowed, but not in such way that the composition sounds like it was meant to be rich, entertaining and interesting.

03. The subject of the song - including its name - may not be connected to humanity, living human beings, human emotions or organic nature. All tunes must be about some machine, industry in general or some kind of technical achievement.

04. Human voices are not allowed. Speech created mechanically is allowed, but human speech (or singing) post-processed to sound mechanical is not allowed.

05. Using samples of CD quality is forbidden. The maximum resolution is 8 bits in 22 KHz frequency.

06. The price of a single instrument or any other equipment used to create dogma00 music may not be more than 150 € ($150).

07. When performing, the artist is not allowed to draw the attention of the audience away from the machines in any way.

08. Smashing machines in public is highly recommended.

09. If a turn of the millennium occurs, the artist following dogma00 must assist those machines which don't automatically get troubles caused by "Y2K", "Y3K" or any similar phenomena. For example, filling a washing-machine with stones will certainly cause it some kind of "crashing" problems after turning the centrifuge on.

0A. In the long run, the artist following the dogma00 is trying to get rid of communicating with human beings in traditional human ways. In the beginning, avoiding natural conversation, non-verbal gestures and touching other people is recommended. The goal is a situation, where the artist communicates only with machines in their native language.

0B. The artists don't exist as human beings anymore. An artist following dogma00 must take a synthetic name related to some synthetic function, machinery activity or computer communication. Examples: "Envelope Generator", "CRC Check", "Screen Refresh", "Guru Meditation", etc...

0C. The pr-photos taken of the artist following the dogma00 rules must be black and white telefaxes in the lowest quality possible. The machines shown in a photo must be the main subject of the picture. If a human being can be seen in a dogma00 pr-photo, she/he must be connected to a machine somehow.

0D. When performing on TV, only black and white broadcasting is allowed for a dogma00 artist, no matter how big is the used broadcasting network.

0E. If a dogma00 artist releases a video, it must be in VHS standard. Broadcast-quality formats are not allowed.

0F. A dogma00 internet website may not contain loads of graphics. One picture is allowed per page.

10. No money can be taken as the salary from live performings of a dogma00 artist. The fee can be something that can upgrade the machines - including the artist him/herself. A 3d-card, a wire, a food, a synthesizer, an alcohol bottle or any similar plugins for the dogma00 artist and his/her machine brothers/sisters are allowed.

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